Thursday, April 15, 2010


Why is it that people have such a hard time saying they are sorry? It's so easy to do. If you did something foolish, if you neglected to think about how yr actions made someone else feel, and they bring it to your attention, just say you are sorry. Everybody jumps to defensive mode which makes everything worse. I started thinking about this while watching the unbearable Real Housewives of NY. Bones Brigade Magillicutty and her homo husband are the only juggalos on that show that have any dignity and decorum. The rest of them are straight up atrocious, vile hosehounds. Whatever I don't care. Their ludicrous behavior is just a perfect example of what i'm talking about. The chick who looks like Clark Kent got in a fight with the Kathy Griffith one and could have diffused the whole deal by being mature and listening to Kathy and sincerely apologizing. When someone is pissed at you it's for a reason, so think about it and sincerely say that you are sorry. Try to imagine, somewhere in yr narcissistic pea brain, what they feel like inside. If you care about people at all, like in general even, why not try to treat them well? "Winning" an argument is not that satisfying in the long run.


  1. I agree with u but the Kathy griffin one is being a troll as well and ganging up with the "countess" who obvs is obsessed with replacing Clark Kent as Kathy griffins "best friend". Me and u know some one like this and it's weird and childish.

  2. Ps Ramona is a fuckin fruit loop dude she's mental!!!!!!

  3. Oh you mean Ramoner the boner?
    She is a full blown mental patient. The countess is on the next lev of insane clown too. Why does she want to bro-down with Kathy Griffith so damn bad? P-puh-panic zone!