Friday, April 23, 2010

Napalm Death imaginary friends

Coolest looking group of people EVER, NO CONTEST!!!! Left to right: That guy is who you end up talking to, WASTED, at some party at the end of the night when you can't quite hold it together anymore so you mostly let them talk while saying, "Uh huh" over and over 80 million times--but this is the guy when you see again both of you will pretend like you've never met and go through the whole thing of "nice to meet you", which is all good cos he's actually a rad dude. The next guy is someone you buy a bunch of cool stuff from at a flea market and he ends up talking your ass off a little too long, but its cool cos I mean look at his fuckin ass. Mmmm, and then the heartthrob...this is a guy that if we were friends it would constantly be on the tip of my tongue to ask him if I could practice french braiding on his outrageous hair but his personality would keep it from being that familiar--the friendship would be short lived: he's the kind of dude who after 15 years or some shit with no girlfriend would get one out of nowhere and she'd probably have a bad haircut and be too skinny yet with weird flab and an annoying know-it-all vibe and they'd move in together too quickly and probably start some weird ass diet that alienates everyone else and put up nerdy horror movie posters and shit, and that would be that. But we still got the guy to the far right, who looks like a scary beast (well, sort of, like to a mom or something) but is so nice and hilarious and will open up the pizza place he works at at 2am to make you a pizza. I would have one of those Lemonatas too and he would be like, "Oh yeah, take whatever you want." and he'd probably be wearing some super rad outfit that on anybody else would burn me to the ground with jealously (I wear dudes clothes in case you didn't notice) but on him I wouldn't be jealous, I would be proud to be seen with him.


  1. AAAGH!!! That's my favorite Napalm Death lineup!
    From Enslavement To Obliteration!!!!!!!!

    I just picked up the Grind Madness At The BBC comp! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!

  2. Oh yeah, since that's a remembrance of the FETO lineup, remember S.O.B.??? Holy shit, crazy Japanese grind makes me happy! Let's Go Beach! Humanity Of Stupids! This was during their only European tour with Napalm Death in 1989! Fuck yeah!!! \m/