Friday, May 28, 2010


My internet has been down!!! Gaymoballz. New post soon w/ pics of the most amazing gifts I have ever received, plus some new works (that means ART, butthole).

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Angels of Death

Ignore the stupid talk bubbles, seriously. Cos this is the best thing on earth.



Oh, the worlds most perfect shirt? Thanks Salvo!
Fucken whoop ass graffix
The inside of this is shredding like Tony Hawk--haw haw haw, cos its so vintage, but I LOVE IT.

This jacket looks good,

should probably wear the matching pants though, huh?
But I need a cap, its prob sunny outside.

Oh and shades, of course. See ya on the corner!

New Metallica: Fangs em up

Oh you want a Tab? Anyone? Tab? Squirt? Here, let me get you a glass with ice.

Wanna snack? Cheese doodles? Flamin Hots? Shoestring potato chips, circus peanuts? Take a plate for it.

Got this kids 90's ass Dickies jacket. Kinda queer, but PERFECT for the sweet Nuclear Assault backpatch that Melo generously gifted me.

In use, cute right?

Hmmm. Chola brows and a devil lock? Okay. Okay.

Finally a home for my trolls!!!