Sunday, June 19, 2011

true grit

I am in Detroit right now, and I thought I'd share some highlights so far since it's 1:30 in the afternoon and my host is still sleeping.
On the train to get to downtown I saw a Latina with a tattoo (DIY style) of a two headed sad clown holding a scroll with a bunch of tiny hearts on it with names over the hearts. The only name I could make out was "Ramon". The scroll was also circled with a magic wand (I think?). It was the most utterly AMAZING shit I've EVER seen. I stared at it nonstop for 20 minutes memorizing every detail so I can later get the same tattoo (dead serious). The chick was cute too, like not a trasher.
So I get on the megabus and it's fine. I was tired and hungover, so I capped it off with some special Tylenols, perfection. But the air conditioning on the fucking bus broke, and even though it was no big deal, like it felt totally fine, we had to wait for them to bring us another bus. Thank god for that cos I never would have witnessed a normal looking girl, like some bore who works in her dad's office for the summer and has a golden retriever and who's grandpa is her "best friend" shit like that, whip out a circular drum pad and some drum sticks and start wailing on that fucker, playing along to something on her headphones. The fact that I had to bear witness to that ALONE, was torture. Off to the side were some baby dykes with shaved heads playing ukeles. There was one point in particular that I wanted to die when the heavier one was playing this uke like she was playing bass in Slipknot all like grooving heavy style, and her glasses were on the very furthest tip of her nose. It looked COMPLETELY INSANE.
Then last night we went to Centerfold, a really amazing strip club. They were playing the best music! Since I had drank about a million beers + about 50 whiskeys (yeah, I'm really cool) I fuckin LOST it when Pantera came on. It is by the grace of god that I didn't stage dive. I tipped this stripper $2 and she gave me a fucking HUG, pointed out some type of foot problem to me and goes, "I work really hard for this shit". I was like, "Yeah."