Thursday, April 22, 2010

Post work playlist

Maybe this is like, UH DUH, but last night my brain was shockwaved by the realization that you can totally separate the men from the children by what music you are into. Is this getting into corny territory? OH WELL, STOP READING THEN ASSMAN. I've been working bo-bo-gnar-gnar style for the last few weeks and I have financial stresses ontop of that, and dude, as soon as I get off work I blast
1. At the Gates (3 songs)
2. Plague Bringer (1 song)
3. Babes in Toyland (2 songs)
4. POD (1 song)

That is how long it takes me to get home. And yes, I said POD. Fuck you. Fuck you and whatever gayballs corndog shit you are mellowing out to cos you didn't have some assburger yelling in your face about a bunch of shit that doesn't matter. You'd think I work in an ER in South Central. No. I work at a movie theater in a yuppie neighborhood. You may play dressup like its halloween and you are going as a bike messenger (ahem, EXCUSE ME, courier), you might have holes in your shoes and drink Hamm's, you might smell like a decaying tampon in a Florida gutter, but if you aren't listening to some blistering ass music, such as HEAVY METAL, or Swans, or that crazy ass rave shit thats just bass and sounds like it'll rip your face off your skull (like a highpowered hose at a carwash perhaps) YOU ARE RICH SO SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT WHATEVER NINNY SHIT YOU ARE PRETENDING TO CARE ABOUT. I bet your parents have a pool.
And THAT is why I'm down with the motherfucking clown.

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  1. That At The Gates show 2 years ago...oh my of the best ever!

    Couldn't find any good Chicago footage...but it translates well here.