Friday, November 20, 2009

Yes I steal all my pics from Dlisted. Who cares.

This kind of outfit happens when someone is on drugs right? I don't see any other possibility.

Here's me and Bronwyn

Look at how effing FAT this bitch is. Her ARM has a muffin-top! What a hef. Also, don't ball me out but I like that headdress thing! I KNOW! I'm embarrassed. Something else thats embarrassing is that I used to listen to Ani Difranco! That is truely mortifying. "I open the fire door". !!! Wack!

Z. Efron is deeply BEE huh? (Bret Easton Ellis) I'm into it.

Me, and You, and Everyone We Know

have to watch this shit immediately! Throw your prozac in the trash cowboy and saddle up to this puppy

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

DO NOT even DREAM about outbidding me on this, I will kill you

(click on "serious")
The other "item" this person is selling is 8 bottles of purple Vitamin Water. WTFx80 million.

"Thank You"

Why do I not own this thing??? (The skull, not MJ's dad. Owning him would be so annoying!) Look at how he is holding his hand so that he can stick his fingers in there! Stop it! STEP AWAY FROM THE SNACK JOE!

What else do I have today...oh yeah, another creepy hands picture

Look at Nicole's hand on dude's knee. Really feeling the passion. How come no one ever talks about when Nicole was a chunker with scragly ass lavender highlights and wore pleated mini skirts and shit? Oh and also was doing heroin? Its as if it never happened, and thats cool, I mean I don't want to go back to the time in my own life when I had short hair and wore dudes skate shoes, but I know it happened. I admit it.

As you all know I hate being a name dropper, but to everyone who didn't believe that I'm Sam Ronson's new BFF here is the pic to prove it

I love this dress

KO needs to lay this hairdo to rest though. Its gross. I think she should go for an unkempt version of Cher's hair. Long, thick, parted in the middle...wouldn't that look great? God I sound like Isaac Mizrahi or something. Whatever! Gay dudes are always right!

Could I be MORE excited for this bullshit!!!: (When she mouths "thank you" to him I seriously die inside, this movie is going to be the best thing on earth...we are really supposed to believe that Natalie Portman has kids??? SURE! Super stoked for yet another movie featuring a bunch of famous twats who have zero chemistry and thus ruin what could be a good movie)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Imagine this!

Shrunken heads & skulls - Three people who visited Nicolas Cage's house reported seeing shrunken heads. Cage also purchased a dinosaur skull in 2007 for $276,000 in a heated auction with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Also, unrelated, here is a sweet quote from that amazing woman I work with:

(Music playing--Europe's "Final Countdown". My other coworker and I had just finished listening to Dio.)
Amazing woman comes over to our area.
Amazing woman: "What the fuck are you guys listening to? Final Countdown? God this shit SUCKS!"
Other coworker: "Do you like 'Holy Diver'?"
Amazing woman: "Dio?" (Her face immediately brightens) "Dio is a GOD. He's a troll, but a god."