Sunday, April 11, 2010

I have not posted since my San Francisco trip cos I've had a lot of tv to catch up on, most importantly Sober House. I could be sitting on the most tranquil, Corona commercial of a beach, getting a head massage from the Dali lama while a cherub softly plays a mystical flute and god herself (don't you hate it when people say that? So embarrassing) j/k himself wake boards by wearing a pair of Suicidal Tendencies board shorts (yes those exsist, fucking cool right?) and yellow tinted John Lennon shades and asks me, "hey kid, what's on your mind?" I'd like to think I would say "You know what sports fan? I don't know why but in this primo state of relaxation, reflexion, and bliss thee only thing I can think of is Tom sizemore and a guy who looks like a piece of mold who was in Alice in Chains in a deep embrace, both sweating, bawling, and saying "I love you". And not "I love you MAN" not "I love you BRO". Straight up I LOVE YOU, TOM, I LOVE YOU, MIKE.

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