Monday, March 29, 2010

I am avoiding leaving for work

Guess what I did on saturday? Saw Bone Thugs N Harmony. There were several elements that made the night one to remember.

Number one:
Yes, this is a WINDBREAKER!!!!! Who wears those??? I guess me and people who still listen to Earth Crisis? whateveritrules.
Number two:
They played all of their hits back-to-back and then spent the rest of the time asking the audience to scream really loud, which was boring and a lot of people left cos they had already gotten their bro-on w/ their frat brothers and old friends from before they became low-level Dilberts who golf with father-in-laws and shit to Crossroads and some easy-breezy weed ballads. The real shit was at the end when they asked all the ladies on stage. Could they not see who the fuck was at this shit? It was a bunch of B-team jocks, some mexicans, me, and a bunch of BBWs who look like they work at Rainbow and go to the kind of school that requires clear backpacks. The chicks that went up there were all a minimum of a deuce. And were all juking and acting CRAZED. It was fucking hilarious. I was DYING. All the Thugs (AND Harmony) were mortified. Where did they think they WERE??? Its the midwest, and they should fucking know, being from Cleveland--one of the only places with uglier people than here! Don't ask the chicks on stage in Chicago dude, unless you are into muffin-top chicks who chirp on the bus and file their nails in public. DON'T DO IT! I KNOW YOU WANT ME SO BAD ITS LIKE ACID IN YOUR MOUTH, BUT NOT THIS TIME JOHNNY. SEE YOU IN THE NEXT LIFE!

This is where the magic happens

I was looking at all the stuff on my desk earlier, WOW. If I didn't know me, I would be best friends with me.

Deep Vogue

This one is my fav. Look at her face! Actually forget her face, look at her hand. Its like a frog's hand was put in the microwave.
This shit is so Steven Misel!

and the grand facade, so soon will burn without a noise, without my pride I reach out from the inside

I think this website is fucked up...I'm trying to upload some new pics and it won't work! Whatever.
I'd like to tell you about my friday night. I got off work and walked around Borders for like 2 hours, very cool, talked to Bronwyn on the phone, ate nachos in bed while watching the Amy Fisher Story on VHS (the Drew Barrymore one). I turned the lights off at 11:30 and went to sleep. It was awesome.

Then on Saturday Bronwyn called me again and reminded me of the woman who was on Starting Over who's dream was to become an auctioneer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who's DREAM is that!? So ill. I had totally forgotten about her and when we were talking about it I was crying I was laughing so hard.

Theres not a lot of Starting Over on Youtube which sucks...this is the idea though. God that show was amazing. Also sick use of Peter Gabriel. I makes sense, Starting Over is really about starting a new romance...with yourself. ZONG!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Black Widow

World's all time best waiting for the bus look, EVER.

What song is he playing? I think its "Are Ya Gonna Go My Way".

I thought Jay Reatard died

Suffocation; no breathing

I never realized I was spread too thin
Til it was too late and I was empty within
Feeding on chaos and living in sin
Downward spiral where do I begin?

este es mi Ășltimo recurso

The above pics show (pardon the junk in the background, my episode of Horders will be airing soon...) a coat I made based (loosely, very loosely) on the Comme Des Garcons Fall '09 jackets.
My next attempt with this will be more concentrated on architecture, but I do like how mine turned out, it still will make you look like a freak while waiting for the bus.

In other news, here is a Gucci TV Guide holder I saw on Ebay. Kind of amazing imagining the household it came from right?

And here is the rest of the stuff I thrifted, hopefully my comp won't be a dumb butt and will let me finish this shit so I can move on with my life already.
Pretty fabric

Shrooms for the kitchen
Some new dish towels

Jan Brady bed sheets
Glamorous uni-candelabra
Indian painted on a heavy stone
70's vibe that I love
Crucifix that seems standard
opens up like this. I plan to make it my new wallet. (Also perfect for a weekend dinner date when all you need is a clutch--lipstick, a few cigs, a rubber-banded roll of cash for a cab or cocktails, a few matches that you can light on the side of the cross, no biggie, throw a couple tic tacs in those weird holes, good to go bro.)

Now that I blew yr mind, lets keep moving.
The back of this record has all the band members headshots, this guy is my fav
Got this Three Dog Night record strictly for the album sleeve, i think the reason why is pretty obvo
Hey guys, Vanilla Sky much???? HAHAHAHA. Lets peep the belly of this beast.
Yowza! This is a scene ya don't stumble onto every day, sheesh mageesh!
We got a dude in a coordinate from Chico's, Princess Buttercup wearing some summer camp beadwork, and the best for last: talk-to-the-hand coming from a MAN working a dingleberry-Mariachi sleeve! You go boyz!
Is their dog wearing red boots??? Also, those red bellbottoms are so sick! I might have to go that way soon. Part my hair in the middle, jean jacket, crucifix in hand? Kinda bitch school.

And then theres this shit in the background. Normal Kamali.

Another record I got
Love everything about this record cover. When I am rich this is what my guestrooms will look like.

Check out this sweet shirt!
Cannot wait to figure out what to wear this with.

Striped jacket that is dope

Don't know what to do with this, but I like it
And...a yellow cardigan that I thought had cute details

OH, and not boring at all, a small serving plate. I made a deal with myself that all things I buy I have to photograph and put on here, so here it is.
See ya soon.