Thursday, April 29, 2010

Get them fangs up

Fangs Up: Lifestyle Edition

Starring Lohan, Fangin' it up at Cochella via Arab Parrot.

Okays so what is Fangs Up...
The other day I went shopping and made an impulse buy, this sweatshirt:
I bought it because it fit, its black (I need a black hoodie. The American Apparel ones fit weird on my picasso ass frame, they are too tight and too long. I'm not a flag pole, ok? Plus their black hoodies have that white zipper ribbon and I want a black hoodie with silver zipper and black ribbon which is impossible to find. I had a vintage one but I think someone stole it. I'm sure you care. ANYWAY.), and I thought it was funny that on the back it says "Fangs Up" in Gummo font.
I wore the sucker to work and Charlie was like, "Are you wearing a Cobra Starship sweatshirt?!" and I'm like, "I don't know, I guess, what is it?" And he informs me its some Pete Wentz-produced emo band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMeffingG. How am I supposed to know about that? I don't work at Hot Topic. I'm old! Skulls was working too so I showed him and he laughed hysterically at it and they both told me I have to keep it, cos I was like, oh great now I have to return this piece of shit.
As I have discussed before I am into wearing things that will make people think I'm lame. Its not irony though because I don't hate whatever it is I'm wearing, like this
I don't hate Slipknot, how can I when I've never even knowingly heard them? I do understand their image though, and I know its 1)Not seen as cool in anyway 2)Angry. I'm down.
I'm thinking I'm going to wear this tshirt with this as a vest over it
Modern Americana is fucking sweet, its unreal. I'm so into it.
ANYWAY. I have been looking like a hawk for some ill Ed Hardy gear, and yes, there is a bounty of that trash on every corner, but I am waiting for my Ed H UNICORN; the piece de resistance: a satin Ed Hardy jacket circa 2006 with a bedazzled tiger head on the back and dragons shooting up the arms. I got outbid on an Ebay one, but I'll be back. This, Von Dutch, etc is all considered the style now known as "Fangs Up".
I would mos def settle for this atrocity though, I mean an ankh/peace sign COMBO!? That shoots some fangs waaaay the fuck up! This beast has a $150 buy-it-now. Rufukkinkiddingme?

I made it like 2 seconds into this wack bullshit. This is the worst music I have ever heard. I'd rather watch a jam band at a coffeehouse in Madison Wisconsin.


  1. the other day i heard one of my students say "whatever, i'm goig to be fucking famous" to her ex boyfriend, and he goes "oh sure what are you going yo be?a fuckin spokesmodel for ed hardy?" i almost fucking died.

  2. Don't hate on Cobra Starship. Don't even try.
    And BTW, you have no idea what fangs up means. It's the hand symbol that Cobra Starship does at all of their shows and fans often throw the fangs up in pcictures randomly, just for fun.

  3. Reveal yourself "Anonymous", you're going DOWN. I'm happy that you like this band, i would never tell someone not to like something. But, it doesn't mean Cobra Starship doesn't completely stink. I like stuff that sucks too. Who cares.