Monday, October 3, 2011

witch house summer

I've not blogged hardly all summer, too busy having yard sales to pay for my stay at the Chateau Marmont, trash picking the Mohave, dumpster diving north shore mansions, doing community service, stiffly dancing at a black club called "Sensations" (the kind of place that has a banner instead of a sign) in Nashville, looting the burned down house of an alleged pedophile in the middle of Indiana, putting fresh flowers on James Dean's grave, unexpectedly seeing a Metallica cover band in a roadhouse shanty--after visiting about a hundred turtles from the Galapagos Islands and Madagascar who happen to live in an entire wing of my friend's dad's mansion--the mansion also was completely Eyes Wide Shut style-- and waking up at 5am most days to serve coffee and beer to a handful of cranky men who pretend not to be rich, WHILE trying to open a store. The store is in Pilsen on 18th St, it's called Angel Dust, it will open in a few weeks. If you are looking for a place to buy a shredded tire from the middle of Twentynine Palms, California or a hand-studded leather jacket with a Judas Priest backpatch I got you covered.

OR any item this guy is wearing (seriously I have some Vision pants AND varsity jackets):