Sunday, June 7, 2009


Here's some stuff, like WOW.
Colin Farrel recently had a birthday and he (supposedly) turned 33! Yeah right! We were in high school at the same time?! There is no way. That means he is barely 3 years older than me. I have FRIENDS that are older than him. That makes no sense. He is supposed to be a PEER to me???? Whatever!

How awesome was it when Brody called out Spencer's "flesh-colored" beard on the Spencer/Heidi vomitrocious wedding special? I knew I loved Brody cos like, come on, but now? Thats like BFF material! Brody. I know you are reading this. CALL ME!

NOW. Onto my biggest obsession of the day: Billie Joe's wife. Thee biggest DB of ALL TIME is absolutely dreads. I know you are from Minneapolis (duh, world's largest population of white dreads) and moved to Berkeley (dread central)--are you glad I know this info about her (i swear) off the top of my head??? Me too--and I am all for 90's human table scraps that refuse to change (probably because I approve anything that reflects myself) but DREADS??? Are you rastafarian? Actually I hope so. Either way, godspeed you black predator!

This next one is what sparked this obsession. I peeped it in some gross mag like In Touch, like 2 days ago! This is the kind of outfit I wore in HIGH SCHOOL. Yes, I looked completely barfous! The best thing about getting older is developing a personal style that you can cultivate, even while incorporating inspiration from your dirtbag past, that is at least more physically flattering. This however, is miserable. On a teen, right on. On a grown woman with 2 kids, even one married to a weird non-aging Troll: clown. Also my friend, you are RICH. Like MAJORLY rich. Get a freakin Balenciaga and a Mike and Chris leather jacket and call it an effing day already. I don't wear heels either, but chucks? Get lost with those clown shoes lady, you look crazy. Marc Jacobs flats? Please???? Do it for me. Cos I can't afford that shit.

MMmmm. Here's a tight pose.

This image is the most perverted thing I've ever seen. PS nice tatter. Again, you are rich. Why does yr tattoo look like you got it on Sunset Blvd 2 hours before they close? Why do I feel bad for being so mean? I guess cos I have ugly tattoos too. But wait, I'm not rich.

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