Monday, June 22, 2009


Last night we rented He's Just Not That Into You. I thought it would suck in a mellow way, but this was some definite next level business.
In it:
Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck are a couple. YEAH. Nice teeth Ben, and pat yr plastic surgeon on the back for me. Great work!

There was one character that I'm not sure who played her, I think it was Beth from DOG Bounty Hunter. Or was it Brooke Hogan? I'm not sure, but either way, excellent performance.

Jennifer Conolley freaks out because her husband is smoking American Spirits. Who cares? Aren't those like smoking some carrots, celery and apples? I thought they were GOOD for you.

Also, unrelated, there is a part on this weeks Daisy of Love where this short fool is chasing after Daisy and he runs up a set of stairs after her, it is DEEP tv carnage. I keep replaying it in my mind nonstop. He is running, but he can't take big strides because he is like 4 feet tall, but more so than that he wears his pants so that the waist is like at the place where your leg bends at the pelvis, but the pants are tight. It is seriously the best thing I have ever seen.

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  1. yeah, yeah calling scarjo brooke hogan is funny and all but you left out her big scene when she scurries across hangover hunk's office jerking her head from one side to the other as if having a seizure and then screams: don't touch me, DON'T EVER TOUCH ME! total community theatre style.

    and... what about mrs. beautiful mind screaming DAMNED LIAR in slo-mo and then smashing a glass table or something on the floor. or the part where she gets all up in louis guzman's face?

    what an obnoxious movie