Thursday, June 11, 2009

Outfits of the day

Today I saw a few semi-mindblowers of outfit selections. The midwest is so insane. First one of the day: east-bound Diversey bus; midday. Um yeah. Very early 20's girl but maybe eastern euro so could be a deeply hit 17 year old or a 45 year old who looks tight--who knows. Limp, dirty blonde hair (ugly), beige hoodie with some small, insignificant stitched pattern of some mumbo jumbo, oh, I dunno...YELLOW AND BLACK STRIPED clown pants... No big deal! The stripes were bumble bee core and each stripe was about an inch and a half thick. They were not stretch material, had no pockets, and were lowrise, oh and how did I almost forget: BOOTCUT, like severely. Like almost a gd BELLbottom! I know what yr thinking, hmmm. What kind of shoe would go with this clown show? Yeah, none that has ever existed so why not do what this kid did and throw on some Dr. Phil-on-the-weekend New Balance running shoes? Fuck it. Like the kind a fat school nurse would wear as "indoor shoes". Magnificent.

Midday there was a dude who came in to my work wearing a tshirt with 8 million different flitty silkscreened patterns of all kinds of meaningless baroque-inspired nothingness, topped with a green hoodie with orange letters "OLD NAVY". Dear Minister of the Void,

Finally, on my way home I saw a man standing completely still on a front porch in a flowing, floor length red rain coat. Gorgeous.

Sidenoter: Saw that movie The Girlfriend Experience today. The movie should have been called The Eyebrow Experience: I Have a Gay Boyfriend. I can't believe people pay money to see movies, they suck so bad! Even The Hangover. Snuck into that bore. Have nothing to say about it.

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