Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Attack on Pentagram 123

Saw that new Trav/Denz movie Penham 123 or whatever. I saw it because as a huge fan of Commando I have always loved a leather daddy of a villian, and BONG!--Tavolta delivers. Number one, he has a Village People moustache (you know that was his choice). Number two he constantly hisses "motherfucker" like he's Andy Dick, and THREE: there are two homoero references in the movie ONTOP of all this!!! One is when Trav's character "Ryder" [RUFF RY-DA!] tells Denz he has "a sexy voice and can be his bitch in prison". O-Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay... The second one is when "Ryder" meets Denz and tells him how sexy he is. As you can probably tell, this movie is an absolute triumph.

Onward. What about Joan Jett's tshirt? YIKESERS. Is that an iron-on from Joann Fabrics?
Oh my god for some reason thinking about that shirt made me remember my dream last night, which, I know, dreams are gay but seriously I'll keep it brief: I dreamt that on Daisy of Love she picked Ricky Rachmann at the end, and here's the kicker: I was stoked! WTF! I need to chill on my TV watching apparently. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

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