Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Que Suerte

How lucky you are that apparently I have no interest in doing anything but blogging today.

Lucky for me I have had a LOT of luck on shopping trips lately. Here's a few selections. Don't worry, theres a lot more where this came from.

Found these lil buddies at the thrift store (duh, do i even go anywhere else?). I love all of their expressions. The bunny is like the drug dealer who doesn't hold money or drugs, he just directs all the, you know, clockers. The middle dog has a kind of "huh? Who, me?" guilty vibe. Whatev, he's still a bad ass. The other dog, with the bow, is like their slow cousin. Doesn't it look like they know that they are having their picture taken? I love them so much. What a great find.

This is like the shirt of my dreams!

I've been really really lucky with FILM lately, WOW. My apartment is turning into what the Smithsonian SHOULD be.

This is possibly the best documentary ever made. If you think I'm kidding come over and we will watch it. Mind=blown. Capesh? Bring beer ok?

Unfortunately the trailer leaves out the best part: Jerry OConnell saying, "A finger up the butt during sex? Fuck yeah!"

Self explainitory. I know everybody's obsessed with the duster/walking on sunshine girl, and yes, she is amazing--especially when she's rocking the Jackie-O trench coat/shades deal, but my personal fav is the guy who only cares about doing meth and looking for bearle (which is a weird type of wood). Whatever, that's just me.

AND, the best for last:

No big deal at all.

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