Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I just saw a commercial for Tresseme (sp?) hair products, some kind of hairspray. It offers 24 hours of hold. Whats up tweaker? Nice bouffant. ANYWAY. It shows a runway model with some big old stupid hair that no human would ever have, and as the narrator of the commercial is explaining the nuances of this important product, she fumbles down a set of stairs. She laughs, knowing that (as the narrator kindly explains) her hair will hold "for 24 hours--no matter what happens!". Why would sort of like half tripping down a few steps have anything to do with your hair? Oh man totally almost fell, good thing I'm wearing hairspray. YEAH.

SO. Went to the gym this morning. Its insane. Its just a bunch of yuppie idiots sitting around talking to each other and NOT working out. One woman spent the entire time I was there SITTING on a weight machine in FULL workout gear, staring into space. Euthenasia. All white people need to be killed.

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  1. I go to a community center gym that is full of gay dudes and highschool students (good combo!). It is INSANE. There are a ton of geriatric gay men that show up on their mobilized carts and then slowly walk on the tread mill and lift five pound weights and check out younger men. SICK! There is also this totally obese chick that goes like every single day and I've never spoken to her but I always want to be like "Way to go! Keep it up!" but I think it'll make her uncomfortable and she'll quit working out then and there. I imagine I'd see her accross the street at DQ slammin' dilly bars and a couple large blizzards immedietly afterwards. I feel motivated by her showing up all the time, but also grossed out by the fact that she seems to always wear the same clothes!! BARF!