Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pardon me while i burst into flames

Newspapers always have the best photos! I've been into taking pics of them.
I know what everybody wants.

AS USUAL I AM DECADES AHEAD OF THE CURVE. Not like I give a fart about the Oscars. As I have said many times, Catherine Zeta Jones has one, how big of a deal can they be? Plus they are rarely awarded correctly seeing as Tara Reid has not taken one home yet. The only Oscar recipients that are worthy of the prize are Whoopi in Ghost, Angelina Jolie in Girl, Interrupted, Ben and Matt for Good Will Hunting, Three Six Mafia for Hustle and Flow, and now, my hero of all time, K. Bigelow!!!
No dude could ever make a ridiculous vampire movie that is so brutal, hilarious, moody, and heartwarming as Near Dark. Totes going as Bill Pax next year for halloween. I dress like this anyway, all I have to do is wear a wig (already have it) and put blood all over myself.

Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with Point Break. I am saving my $ to get a PB tattoo! (Undecided betwx portrait of Keanu & Swyz w/ "Vaya Con Dios", a small Keidis w/ T.W.B.A.W.O.T, or Swyz wearing the Reagan mask and spraying fire with the gas hose. What do you guys think? Or fuck, "Back off Warchild, Seriously". ARGH! Can't decide, can't decide, can't decide anything).

This photo is so inspiring to me! JEALOUSSSSSSSS. (Not jeals of the Reebok hat though, not too into that. Never been a big fan of boks to be honest, the Pump was stupid, too obvioulsy kitchy. I myself go for more ultra-lame kitch, like Von Dutch. The beauty is its too freshly out of style to be kitchy, so people think yr just straight up lame, and I really enjoy proving people wrong. Its not shitty though, cos I love being proven wrong too. Its such an invigorating feeling, you know what I mean?)

I just realized that I assumed everybody knows what I'm talking about with all this. If you don't, I have been OBSESSED with Point Break and Near Dark, and consequently, Kathryn Bigelow who directed both of those movies, since I was in high school. Point Break has gained more and more of a cult following over the years which is cool, but there was (and sometimes still are) times where I say its my fav movie and some buttass will scoff. Sorry your royal highness, what am I supposed to say, "OBVIOUSLY my favorite movies are Citizen Kane and Breathless, and I also ADORE anything by Bresson, Cassavettes, blahhh blah blah BLAH. "
Kathryn Bigs is responsible for some blunders too, such as some bore about a submarine staring Harrison Ford (Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) and some unwatchable pile of rotting buttholes that had Sean Penn and Elizabeth Hurley in it! Step away from those snacks!
I did my final project in college (as well as a lot of other projects and research) on K. Bigs and Point Break (as well as a minor in Roadhouse, man I was so lucky to go to the school that I did!)
and I'm considering putting my thesis on Point Break on the blog. I'm not sure though.
K. Bigs, first woman to win a best director Oscar, whoot whoot! And Hurt Locker won over her EX HUSBAND AND WORLD'S BIGGEST ASSTROLL J. Cam! I wish when she won she wouldve turned around (he was sitting behind her) and done that Triple X wrestling gesture where you throw yr arms into an aggressive "X" over yr crotch and then pull them back up like, "What bitch!"
PS Wasn't it cute that Keanu was the one who talked about Hurt Locker at the Oscs?


  1. movie tattoos = sweet. all of those PB ones sound good.

  2. Do you want to go to the live performance of Point Break?