Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Faking it IS making it bro. It IS making it.

I was really pumping up the volume of my blogging there for a while, but some personal matters came up that made me not want to do anything but cook extremely elaborate meals for myself and watch TV. There are positive things that came of this though, I am now full-blown into Celebrity Fit Club (its amazing, Sebastian Bach is my new muse--Keidis, step to the side for a sec but don't worry, IT WON'T BE A WASTE OF TIMEEE, I'll be back for ya). CFC ALSO features life coach Rhonda Britton from Starting Over, easily one of my fav shows EVER. You know when you make a secret nickname for someone, and its usually rude so they don't know about it, but it becomes so natural after a while that you don't even think about using it? I used to work with this cruster that smelled really bad and everybody called her "Pits". For the life of me I could not tell you her actual name. Well on Starting Over, which all of my friends were way into as well, Nathan coined this one woman "WC Fields No Cash" and I swear any time WC Fields is mentioned (which weirdly is more often than you would think) I laugh joyously.
ANYWAY I also have perfected mashed cauliflower and vegan cupcakes. So there's that.

Anyballz, lets see what we got going on lately.

I'm into the advise they often give when home decorating, which is to base the room on one object that you love. I like to apply this to outfits.

$1 Chanel earrings + $2 Von Dutch hoodie from the Salv

+ No Limit Soldier bus pass holder

+ Don King fake fur duster

Collar up? YES.

Oh wait, I'm all ready to go, but WHAT SHOES DO I WEAR WITH THIS?????

I might need a place for my checkbook and some mints though, hmmm....

See you at the bus stop amigos. BON VOYAGE!
OH SHIT! Can't leave the house without my fuckin JO CRYSTAL!

And you know me, I can't wear just ONE piece of jewelry! Better put this on too.

(This came from Coco Chanel HERSELF's personal collection--I got it at an auction--you know me, I wouldn't be caught DEAD in anything fake.)

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  1. I love the pot leaf and no limit bag. awesome.