Monday, March 15, 2010

este es mi último recurso

The above pics show (pardon the junk in the background, my episode of Horders will be airing soon...) a coat I made based (loosely, very loosely) on the Comme Des Garcons Fall '09 jackets.
My next attempt with this will be more concentrated on architecture, but I do like how mine turned out, it still will make you look like a freak while waiting for the bus.

In other news, here is a Gucci TV Guide holder I saw on Ebay. Kind of amazing imagining the household it came from right?

And here is the rest of the stuff I thrifted, hopefully my comp won't be a dumb butt and will let me finish this shit so I can move on with my life already.
Pretty fabric

Shrooms for the kitchen
Some new dish towels

Jan Brady bed sheets
Glamorous uni-candelabra
Indian painted on a heavy stone
70's vibe that I love
Crucifix that seems standard
opens up like this. I plan to make it my new wallet. (Also perfect for a weekend dinner date when all you need is a clutch--lipstick, a few cigs, a rubber-banded roll of cash for a cab or cocktails, a few matches that you can light on the side of the cross, no biggie, throw a couple tic tacs in those weird holes, good to go bro.)

Now that I blew yr mind, lets keep moving.
The back of this record has all the band members headshots, this guy is my fav
Got this Three Dog Night record strictly for the album sleeve, i think the reason why is pretty obvo
Hey guys, Vanilla Sky much???? HAHAHAHA. Lets peep the belly of this beast.
Yowza! This is a scene ya don't stumble onto every day, sheesh mageesh!
We got a dude in a coordinate from Chico's, Princess Buttercup wearing some summer camp beadwork, and the best for last: talk-to-the-hand coming from a MAN working a dingleberry-Mariachi sleeve! You go boyz!
Is their dog wearing red boots??? Also, those red bellbottoms are so sick! I might have to go that way soon. Part my hair in the middle, jean jacket, crucifix in hand? Kinda bitch school.

And then theres this shit in the background. Normal Kamali.

Another record I got
Love everything about this record cover. When I am rich this is what my guestrooms will look like.

Check out this sweet shirt!
Cannot wait to figure out what to wear this with.

Striped jacket that is dope

Don't know what to do with this, but I like it
And...a yellow cardigan that I thought had cute details

OH, and not boring at all, a small serving plate. I made a deal with myself that all things I buy I have to photograph and put on here, so here it is.
See ya soon.

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  1. dude i can't believe the shit you find. i could walk into the exact same store at the exact same time and not find any of that. oh and ps, can you get me a bag of weed? !!!!!!!!!!!!