Wednesday, March 10, 2010

corte mi vida en pedazos

Here's some recent thrift scorezzzzz thanks to my new Monday afternoon Thrift Crew (Sam, Diesel, and Skulls...with names like that its like we're The Warriors! The Warriors of sweet deals and abandoned treasures of course).
I love ripped clothes. This thing is wrecked out and looks great.

Beautiful books

HAD to get these pieces of crap. Firstly, they are hardcover.
Secondly, look at the backs of them!
LOOK at the fucker in the upper right side. Look at his FACE. WHY IS IT SHAPED LIKE THAT???
Wait, I'm confused actually now that I'm looking at it again. Is that a woman, or is it a weird ass man wearing a thick bolo tie? Regardless, did they have part of their JAW removed? And WHAT is with the hair!?

This shirt is a 4XL from Walmart! I'm going for a femme-Marlon Brando/guru look aka I'm losing my mind apparently. I don't know man, I like it.

This is a weird Indian thing that I bought for material, but I kind of like it as is...not really my style though. And what about how I'm standing? Very natural pose. You can click the pics to enlarge to get a better idea of what it looks like. (The outfit, not my pose. My pose is obvious. And weird.)

I have a fantasy outfit of this jersey worn with white jeans and moccasins. Hopefully dreams can come true, although it is nearly impossible to find a good pair of white jeans. WHY!?

OK so this post isnt done but my computer won't stop acting like a LITTLE BITCH, cock blocking my blogging by "sleeping" every 2 secs cos i think there is like dust in it or something...F off computer! I WILL KILL YOUR DORK ASS SHIT you pussy fuck! God!
I'll holler back girl tomorrow (that was wack, sorry.)


  1. that jersey is from a player who just left that team. nice.

  2. i love those v.c. andrews jacket fotos of the family. so gnar. 2 weeks til i see you JGTYFV%#%%%^$%W#FC A231rSTRDTD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. that guy is a homosexual that is why his face looks like that , DUH

  4. i used to read vc andrews for the sex parts when i was little (always been a perv) and the always call the dick his "manliness" or his "hardness"
    L O L