Wednesday, February 10, 2010

house of mirrors, sort of?

This things hairstyle is destroying my life.

Like a DOLL of a BABY has the hairdo of a pedophile. Why would the hair of what is supposed to be a baby only grow like a toupee??? WHO'S BALL IS THIS!? WHO WORKS HERE?!?!?!
I can't handle this shit. MY BRAIN CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE! Between this, Nicolas Cage's face (and life), Lindsay Lohan's apartment (and life), the fact that I can't get THE FUCKING NEPTUNES out of my head (ooh baby you want me? ooh baby you want me?...something about getting a lapdance for free...OMG what about the part in the song where Pherell goes "I'm just straight ill, ridin' my motorcycle down the street". DUDE you are as "ill" as GONZO from the fucking Muppets (who is taller than you) riding a motorcycle. The thought of Pharell on a motorcycle is truly hilarious. Also you have a clothing line called "Ice Cream". If I was wearing a baseball cap that said "GET A CLUE" I would point to it right now while mouthing the words "get a clue" to HIS FACE), I can't take it! I LOVE IT TOO MUCH.
The doll has donut sprinkles around its mouth? WTF is that about?

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