Thursday, February 4, 2010

As promised

Did I lie? Raw gold.

Anyhoots, here's some stuff

So there is a website where you can buy the Lohan families used clothes and I picked up this little Born Uniqorn (Taryn Manning's defunct clothing line) sweatshirt for $20. It was Ali's. Of course I would want something of Lindsay's, DUH SQUARED, but I don't need a pleated denim Hugo Boss (seriously) mini skirt with cherries on it. So I got this


I'm not really into this kind of vintage usually, but when you find a pair of lavender snakeskin shoes, um, duh, AND in a size 9 and 1/2?! Unheard of in vintage shoes unless its some type of matronly ass gross nurse shoe that some old timee Kathy Bates in Misery lady would've worn while changing bedpans and shit (its cos they put hormones in milk now so we are all swollen, fat ditchweeds.)

I'm not so into the Peggy Sue heel, but its not too bad

And here is what I bought the other day. This is the first thing I got

because I have been super sick for a week, and have an ear infection. Apparently I am 3 years old. Who gets ear infections??? So lame. What little I can hear out of my right ear sounds robotic. Its not annoying at all. In any event, I was in no condition to shop, but the doctor was right by Forever 21, and I couldn't help myself. Luckily my dizziness that made me smash a glass vase all over the floor got me to leave with only these items

(The skirt, the cardigan is obviously Rodarte 4 Target which I'm sure everybody and their bro also bought). The skirt is from F21's new "limited edition" rockabilly line!!! I KNOW! Their muse is totally that chick with the pink bangs from Millionaire Matchmaker (her and her boyfriend, that dude who's facial hair looks like juggalo face-paint, named their baby Sin Halo. First of all, when the fuck was she pregnant? Secondly, Sin Halo? I get what you are going for, but don't be such Schaumies about it! Get a thesaurus! PS Totally going to name my kid Yin Yang Swayze Pisano! WATCH ME CRACK THE WHIP!)
There is a bow you can wear in the front or the back, I think i like it in the back. Also Might have to cut off the cheap tulle underneath, its too sweatshop-y looking.

This is also from F21. Its dope right? Only $3.80.



  1. i like that cross ring. make sure to wear it upside-down. satan.