Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ebay photo of the day

Back when I had my Myspace blog I would do an Ebay photo of the day, point being that ebay photos are not taken for any artistic purpose, yet are often so amazing...
This isn't quite the vibe of a TRUE Ebay Photo of the Day, but I laughed outloud at this guys modeling.
Work it girl.

This is what I'm really talking about

Like, IMAGINE someone taking this photo!!!! HILARITY!
Ebay sucks now cos it makes it so you can't take a lot of the photos, so I'm sitting here at 2am taking photos of my computer screen of naked cabbage patch kids that people are selling on ebay. Yes, I will share them with you all, tomorrow. Once you see how insane they are you will understand. It is my art.


  1. omg str8 up DYING from the cabbage patch kid photos. DYING.

  2. um p.s. check out this hot new rapper i like to refer to as the south african eminem but uglier. i didnt believe this was real for 3 days.