Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blog Break ( i also still totally love Inept--serious bangage!)

I've been sewing all day and I decided to put on a little Aus Rotten. I was spoiled when I was younger, I saw soooo many bands and nodded my head so much at millions of shows I was like a bobble head on the dash of a dune buggy (w/ no shocks!). By the end of my time spent dressing like an absolute dude, not even noticing B.O., and eating slop left over from Food Not Bombs I had no idea what was even good anymore. I don't really listen to music (besides shit rap, Fleetwood Mac, and Twin Peaks soundtrack) and hearing that crusty ass shit is like hearing it for the first time! Great job! Up next: His Hero is Gone, with maybs a little Discharge for dessert.

So weird that this photo exemplifies the only thing I cared about between ages 14 and 21. Saylavie. (Thats probably me in the red shirt. Who knows.)


  1. you know what i thought about all day today? how much portland SUCKS.

  2. Me too! I despise it, like, more than anything.