Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Starbuck makes a new coffee/energy drink in a tall can, and its amazing

FINALLY! Pics from me & Lyne's RT, bon app!

Ok have to warn you, tons of sky shots. But like whatever, when you live in a cloggy ass city you never see the thing.

Hmmm, wonder why when we were at the border of mexico they thought we were moving a hydro-lab.

This is the ultimate pink. I'm serious, its like the most perfect color I've ever seen and I am obsessed with it. Maybe people who aren't totally nutzoid don't understand, but you can't often find things that are the perfect color. For pink, this is it.

Italian Vogue. Don't know who besides scott will understand.


Did I not mention that Terry Richardson came with us? HILARITY!!! I'm kidding!!!! This was our first motel stop in rural (yeah, I guess I didn't need to say 'rural' cos it was all rural) Missouri. The door to the room was "funny", ie wouldn't fucking open, so the (very nice) trolldog at the counter had some yokel show us the trick. The "trick" didn't work, so a super friendly shirtless trash monkey with an absolute PAISLEY of incredible DIY tattoos came right over and kicked the door in for us. BTW I'm serious, these people were all really cool and nice. THEN we ventured to this amazing grocery store where they had Duvel for $3!!! Score!

Hot tip: looking for mega-cheap gourmet beer and to get any work done, Independence, Missouri. Super Budget Inn. Say hi to these guys for me!

And this guy? Member Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise? That's all I'm gonna say.

We stayed off the major highways so we could see some rural carnage and ghost towns.

If you drive seven miles into come cornfields in Kansas, this is what you might come to

Had to drive through this weirdness

WTF is this motel called??? It's like the name of a noise band!



In the 5 million times I've driven across this glorious counrty I have never seen such a nice rest stop bathroom. Kudos New Mexico! You rule for many reasons. This made up for the disappointment of not running into Val Kilmer anywhere. Next time, Ice Man. Next time.

Maybe it was just the adderall but I was obsessed with this cloud! Still am.

These next pics are from the Petrified Forest, which is this crazy ass shit where super old trees turn into rocks. I put one in my pocket.


This DQ was pretty amazing. Talked to the teen girl who was working there for a long time about my tattoos. She was really beautiful, could be a model, but has a fucking awesome moustache! Love that shit. The wood booths were very attractive as well, and there also was this oddity:

Yeah, just a lil juke in a plexiglass box surrounded by fake foliage. Its called Art, maybe you've heard of it?

No seriously dood, what's your effing DEAL?!

Swayze in Point Break, DEFINITLY flamethrower chic!

Arizona methlab, no big deal. (Major Italian Vogueage)

How the F we ended up in Sudan I have no clue

and then...

Oh my god you guys, I'm only kidding!
No, we then were in San Diego. I didn't take any pics there cos, who cares. We were so out of our goddamn minds I can't believe I had motor function.
Went to LA and was so fucking starving this is what I ate

At the gas station by Bruno's, gorgeous!

Not one but TWO Old Navy shirt sightings, both on Sunset!

Bruno and Becky's crib is rad! They even have a piece of my art displayed, guess what it is. (Yeah dude, I WISH it was an autographed pic of the Lollipop Guild!)

OMG also before I forget, Bruno and his roommate deliver food, and the roommate delivers to mad famous people, and one person is Macaulay Culkin, who LIVES IN AN APARTMENT!!!! Like an apartment dude. An apartment COMPLEX. WTF!!! Is that not the most hilarious shit of all time! He's always in pajamas and smokes Parliament Lights. Ludicrous.


Imagine this photoshoot! WTF!

One of my fav people on the lord's earth, JK Bruno, hail satan

Then Bruno drove me to the airport. We listened to and discussed the new Mastodon, which sounds like watered down Creed, a highschool band trying to rip off and slow down Mars Volta, and Nickleback. Essentially it rules, not.

I'm always sad when coming back from a trip, esp if its to LA, but on my way back from the train I saw this lil bad boy and knew I'm right where I'm supposed to be.

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  1. WHO owns that "Head rider" hat!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also I like that they are called styx. ha!