Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flowers in thee Attique SERIOUSLY! GROSS!

Um did you hear about Mackenzie Phillips' new autobio? Not a big deal, only talks about how her father, John Phillips--Mamas and the Papas but more importantly father of Bijou (Beej)--raped her while they were both utterly anhillated on drugs, which turned into a 10 year long concentual sexual relationship. I need a new pair of shoes. I need to go to the doctor for various problems (I'm probably dying of 80 different things as I type these very words), I need new eyeglasses and contacts, I need a cavity fixed, I owe money to AT+T from 5 years ago AND to the IRS, but best EFFING believe bro I will buy this book HARDBACK before I even eat another meal. INSANE CLOWNS!

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  1. i had a long talk about this lastnight with someone. do you think she's telling the truth?