Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The embarrassment never stops

Moments ago I was lucky enough to see Pearl Jam's new video for their song "The Fixer". It is a video of the band playing live to an audience. Eddie Vedder's hair looks like a cross between a werewolf going to a formal event (like put on a tux and did the best he could with the hair) and Kris Kristofferson. I know I'm making it sound like it looks good, but its eddie vedder. At one point in the vid he waved his hands quickly in front of his face a la that other wedding singer in The Wedding Singer, the one who wore poet shirts and added swears to the songs. I'm dead serious; that shit really happened in this crap. Also Stone Gossard, looking like Bob Saget hatched him out of his own egg, was playing guitar while twirling around like a ballerina in a jewelry box. And people say rock is dead. Just get up at 7:45 and watch the top 20 on VH1.

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