Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Come to my window, crawl inside and wait by the light of the moon

Last week my crew and I went to a rummage sale in Lake Forest at 6am. Lake Forest is a richballs suburb (Spader in Pretty in Pink's house need I say more) so we knew we had to get there hellza early to deep score the abandoned opulent goods and baubles of the upper crust. As you can see from the above pic, the only thing Diesel purchased btw--which he stood in line to buy for 45 minutes, we got out of there with some finery. Cubs hat = BEYOND sane clown fangage.
I personally purchased some clothes, two fur pillows, and a lamp that I think was once in the White House. (Pics to come soon). When Sam and I were carrying these gewgaws (found that word in the thesaurus, it means trinkets) some lady pulled her car over and was like, "Wow, you guys found great stuff!" No duh!
Then we went to some other thrift stores that were amazing, ditto on those pics.
Saw this food mart on the way, coolest sign ever!

Next was Sam's house, WOWERS
The decor of this place is beyond!
Elegant future chairs

The coolest art on the walls of all timeeeee
And lots of stuff like this
You know just average stuff you'd find in any midwest home.

Sam gifted me this amazing item that I am STILL dying a thousand deaths over!!!!!

Lunch time HAD to be Old Country Buffet, I mean please.
Look at the color of Sam's drink!

And don't even think we weren't going to stop at the mall to go to Hot Topic... every single one of us bought something there too. I think it can be scientifically proven that it is IMPOSSIBLE to not buy something at that place as long as you don't go there more than 2x a year.
I was stoked that I got the crust punk fonted bag.
It was a long day!
And we all had to work after this. Luckily Daniel Higgs here showed us how to do this
to make the workday worthwhile. Now I just need to figure out how to make a pentagram with my hands and the dishes will be done maaaaaaan.

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  1. GewGaw=BESTWORDEVER also favored by the one and only TJeffers. Post top notch, I been carried along on expedition, thank you. CRASS at HT, this world is not real.