Monday, December 7, 2009

I should be asleep

Anyone who has, can, or will watch this video and feel like life has meaning is a friend of mine.

Anyway. You know that show Hoarders? No its not about me. Yeah. Well I was just watching that shit and they pulled out a dead cat that was flat as a board and had an expression on its face of utter screaming terror. Its the face I would make if I were forced to live in a windowless room with nothing in it for eternity with Jennifer Love Hewitt.
I've been really into TV (I was going to say "lately" but thats a joke of all time) even though I don't get to watch much of it. Million Dollar Listing is EASILY my most fav shit on right now. The Ad Rock one has my same belt and sunglasses. I'm nothing less than obsessed with all of his coordinating ostrich-skin Hermes desk accessories (including Kleenex box! So manly) and gorgeous wallpaper. He's like 22 and his whole deal is that he lives in the same building in Bev Hills as his grandmother, and OBVIOUSLY rips her style to no end. They both fake this old-money Park Ave vibe but they live in Beverly Hills! Trashy! I could live in Beverly Hills dude, me. You are not rich. But I love you anyway! Everybody (okay, everybody online that have blogs about the same awesome topics as me) hates the Mike D one because he's the most ridiculous one, but fuck that, homeboy is definitly more human than human. Yeah, his hair sucks. So does yours. Hair in general sucks, its disgusting. Thanks for just growing for no apparent reason out of my fucking armpits and crotch, really cool. Looks great, so necessary. ANYWAY. Chad rules and if you can't deal with it maybe you should take a look at the man in the mirror cos as far as I'm concerned anyone who hates Chad Rodgers just hates themselves. I love how he talks. He listens to every word he says as he's saying it, which is a sonic mindfuck. Its like when you record some cassette tape of fake commercials with your friends when yr like 6. He talks in that voice, all the time. And those words he so obsesses over so carefully come out of thin, purple lips. Kool Aide moustache club in the house. The MCA of the group just came out of the closet and is boring mostly cos he's so reasonable.

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