Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All kinds of stuff

Major TV binge yesterday cos I've been sick as a butt.
#1) I don't know why I'm sort of sad that Brittany Murphy died. Maybe its because we are the only two people on earth with that name over the age of two. I mean, her character in Clueless was unbearable(though her first scene she is wearing a shirt with a troll on it). Her character in Girl, Interrupted was even worse, but then again Girl, Interrupted is the best worst movie ever made, so she did a good job in that...whatever, I don't care about her acting. I care about the fact that she had full blown facial reconstructive surgery for no apparent reason, was obviously a total drug-dog, had that psychotic relationship with Ashton Kutcher, and then MARRIED some bloat-hog British con artist!!!!!!!! She is the reason I am so obsessed with LA.
ALSO. Is it acceptable AT ALL to offer condolences for someone's death via fucking TWITTER??? Am i the only person alive that finds that repulsive, degrading, and classless? My favorite part about it is that these fucktards can't even muster up the decorum to NOT use that gay shorthand 'lol' shit, like "OMG SOOOO sad :( RIP angl u r missed" FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!
Kathy Najimy tweeted, “wrked w/& knew Brittany 4 14 years (& plyed her mom once as well) sweetst most talnted angel who got hked up w/ wrng people. we love u brit. so sad this is truly a waste. feeling regret we didnt’ do more. i love you so much Brittany and always will.”

Mena Suvari tweeted, “I’m just sooo devastated now☹. Found out Brittany Murphy died earlier this morning & I’m shocked. We worked together & I knew her for yrs. She was an amazing person, an amazing actress & so full of life. I ALWAYS admired her in SO many ways. May you rest in peace…”

I was watching that show "Tough Love" (last season was better). Some idiot was FREAKING out cos the guy they hooked her up with is jewish. Like being a real asshole about it. I personally don't get it. I think Jews are hot. I'm embarrassed to admit that I think Adam Goldberg is hot not cos he's jewish, but because he's a blowhard. I also have a crush on that jew that is in EVERYTHING, he is in Harold and Kumar, Slums of Beverly Hills, I don't know what else. People have told me he's on some show called Numbers, but that doesn't sound like my style.
Saw the saddest Intervention ever. It was a DEEP nerd with diabetes, and that was what the intervention was for, him not taking care of his diabetes. The kid wasn't even ON DRUGS dude! He lived with his very nice parents in a super cool santa fe-eian paradise. I was crying through the entire episode. He was just a nerd. No one came to his birthday party. Then he was going to meet some bros from work for dinner, which he called "a real to-do"--his calling it that broke my heart into about 80 million pieces which have since been slowly floating toward my feet like deflated pop-rocks, if that makes any sense--and none of them showed up so he ate alone!!!!!!!! Twist the fucking knife man! Here's some lemon juice, just spray it on there, what the fuck ever. What the fuck ever.

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  1. Christmas drunk - There I said it - RANT TIME.

    1 - That diabetes intervention kid brought it on himself. I don't care if you have halitosys, exema, acne, dwarfism, gigantism, nano-penis (real thing), or any fucking problem ever. YOU CAN STILL MAKE FRIENDS. Its called the internet, its a new form of renesance fair, look into it. On top of that, he invited everyone to meet him at Chi-chi's which, even thought its a celebration of food, SUCKS. Noone in their right mind is gonna meet up at the mexican version of TGIFridays when there is cheep mexican around the corner. FUCK. I say, if you dont wanna take care of your diabetes, DIE. They shoould call it DIEabetes cause you have to be retarded to die from that shit. Who wouldn't want an excluse to shoot up every day. Gawg. I would tell that dude this. Try moving out of your parents house, throw in a shower every now and then, and see what happens. Live Love Learn Lasagna. Its more than a poem, its a way of life.

    Brittany Murphy - Sad she had to die. Noone needs to die in the shower, except maybe Dieabetes dude. But everyone knew the reaper was around the corner when we saw her husbands front butt hanging out of his stained white stretched out tshirt in line for the metal detector at LAX. DUH. That bitch hand lick lubed M&M - and then what? Rich people need to take that coke money and roll that into SCRAP GOLD ala Mr.T - BALLIN' I have to say that most people with the last name MURPHY are kinda fucked up. Thats just a hypothesis, but its kinda true. Anyways, enough of that shit. MERRY XMAS