Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DB Magic IS real (No MJ)

Fuck that hilarious shit MJ said about David Blaine's magic being real. Yes, it is funny, DUH. It was MORE funny when MJ called Tommy Matola "very bad, and very devilish". Being called "devilish" is amazing, and makes me hungry cos its a cross between "devil" and "delicious", which is obviously a ref to the caviar of the midwest: deviled eggs. DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED!
ANYWAY. I have been obsessed with David Blaine since BEFORE the pussy-posse (to novices: the Pussy Posse is David Blaine, Tobey Maguire, Leo Dicaprio, and Harmony Korine. Jesus walks, right?) and I am fully bugging out (sorry, theres just no other way to say it!) that this amazing photo of ALL of them is not on Google--its them chilling in a hotel room in kimonos, yes you heard me right. Thank effing G I long ago printed out a pic of it, which note to self: FIND IMMEDIATELY AND GET BACK-PIECE TAT OF!!!!!!!!!! ANYWAY! Davis Blaine is possibly the most more human than human person who has ever lived! I want a DB/Fiona Apple transcribed convo! I want a sex tape. I want a 2 hour long drunken session with him. I want to know, dude, what is your deal??? I want to know why you abandoned your insane DIY street magic for standing on an ice cube with no food for 60 days (boring). I want you to rub my temples and recite Germs lyrics to me while I drift to sleep in a room at the Gramercy Park hotel. I want you to give me Bijou's cell phone number so I can call her!!!!!!

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  1. Hey,
    Just catching up on some blogs and I did a little digging for you.

    Apparently it's a fake though

    Happy X-Maz!