Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So much stuff always!!!

I have decided to post pictures of everything I buy from now on. 99% of it is thrifted, and I want to show how I go from something like this

to this:

(This dress didn't start out as the green one above, it started as a disgusting, chintzy Kelly Bundy prom dress, some curtains (seriously), a few vintage nightgowns, and old earrings. Oh and a tapestry.)

Well here's all the shit I bought yesterday (and a few things from the week like records, and two special items I will discuss as well).

unfortunately this one will have to serve only as kitchy eye candy cos listening to it is absolute murder. I tried.

Ditto on this one, Strawberry Shortcake

This however is a real gem. Listened to it all morning. Only thought about Ethan Hawke once too.

The following is from Indiana Thrifting

ESCADA must be said ONLY in a Columbian drug-lord voice. esssCA-DA. What a lovely surprise these beauties are. The heel is semi-barf, but I'm not one to care.

4,895 flannels that all look the same are not enough! I need MORE!

Yes, this is ugly as balls. But I am going to throw red paint and spraypaint all over it so its not so Ghost World. Check it when worn with a Babes in Toyland shirt though, PRIMO! (Yes Babes shirt is OG 90's, not thrifted! Boo-Jah)

Super normal style

Will probably wear this sweatshirt

w/ the paint-covered fur coat while listening to this bad-boy on my Spotrs Walkman (yellow), no big Deeskie.

This one was supposed to be a gift, but BRUNO T of Los Angeles California won't send me his address. Guess I'll have to keep it, oh darn.

This isn't totes my style, but it looks cool I think.

Wouldn't this be better if it said "Raisin HELL in the fast lane"? Good thing theres such a thing as a sharpie.

Yes this is an ugly sack of piss, but when I'm done with it it will be a glamourous masterwork.

Forever 21. I'll never be able to resist their fake leathers!

So these are the big deals:
Anyone who used to read my incredible power-house of a myspace blog knows how retardedly OBSESSED I was about getting a genuine Balenciaga City bag, specifically from the early '00s. Yes, I said WAS obsessed cos I got that bitch motherfucker. Its called saving money, which I never have done before. Its VERY satisfying dudes!

And a new wintercoat, which for a bum ass dirtbag like myself who switches betwix a butch Carhart and tattered hobo-esque leathers that I've had for 10 years, will be nice to have something I don't feel like a total hose in, although I don't know who I need to impress now that I think about it. In any event, my BF has the same Carhart as me and we don't need to always be twinzies. We look enough alike as it is. Hahaha.

Theres prob typos like crazy in this post but I gotta piss like a R and I got to go to work!!! LAME NUGGS.


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