Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ok, I wanted to be a purist with my whole analog set up, and it IS something I think is important and I'm committed to doing, BUT in the interest of time (right now) I'm more concerned with keeping on top of this bastard.

So this entry will be a newsletter of what is to come, which is a lot.

I'm selling a bunch of my stuff, and if you have Paypal you will have first pick before my first yard sale of the season (Deep Troll/Legacy Club presents a Cafe Society Parisian Flea Market Curated by Pierre and Michele). If you are in Chicago, stop by the 3000 block of Logan Blvd at the corner of Logan, Kedzie, and Milwaukee the first Sunday in June 9am-4pm, across from the Farmers Market. Its gonna be Fuckken SIIIIICK. But the pre-sale will be up on here asap, as well as some pre-Ebay stuff. GET STOKED bitches.

Between working 70 hours a week, buying a rusty 1981 Mercedes, getting the world's slowest tattoo--I can't believe I got myself into that one, I'm not some fucking rockabilly slob or anything and I am NOT a tattoo showboater (you may never see this fucker on here or in real life even though it is an OOC full sleeve). Basically all I'm saying is it's taking a TON of time to do, plus personal stuff, thrifting, TV watching, best friend phone talking, and porching (drinking brews on the porch for many hours and embarrassing myself by passionately blathering about deep sea creatures and the 1983 BMW 5 series VS the 1977-1983 Mercedes Benz 300D and/or the 240D. Sigh.

Check this shit I found while researching yard sales:

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