Friday, August 21, 2009

Obsessch of today

Leif Garrett!!!

I only kind of knew who this failure was because when I was young I enjoyed reading magazines like Bop and Tiger Beat--he was a mild fixture in those, but my appreciation for the man came much later when I was in LA and my friend Rob showed me Leif's house: a shanty across the street from Target. The Target that is on like LaBrea. THEN there was the amazing behind the music... get out of town; AMAZING. His insane apology to that frazzle-fry he paralyzed! Leif was high on fucking fire during the whole thing! And the fraggle kept talking about some crappy boombox Leif brought to him in the hospital, what! The way that TV has progressed is seriously a gift from god.

This is a zesty pose, ZANG!

What if I walked into a hair salon and slapped this photo and a hundred dollar bill down! I would look so incredible the world would probably explode.

Yeah, not weird at all.

I'm kind of into this couch. I know its kind of American Apparel ad-ish but I don't know, I'm into it. It reminds me of the movie Bully, which is the best movie ever made, so, yeah.

Ok enough of this though. What about how just now when I did some Leif trollage I was parusing his official website and came across the merch. Yes, merchandise. (Side note: its never a bad idea to get a head start on Christmas shopping, am I wrong?)
Let's check out some of the wonderous baubles offered.

Get A Leif!!!! This bag is beyond worth getting simply because having to EXPLAIN what it means all the time would be so...complicated. Right?

Lalala-la-la, oh, what? What's this? Oh just a journal. This really interesting, almost outsider artist from LA designed the cover. He's kind of obscure, Leif Per Nervik.* Have you heard of him?

Hard to think of a person who this wouldn't be theeee most perfect gift for. At least on the planet called BRITTANY.


*His real name

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